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The New ‘The’

A Melbourne based developer/restaurateur has proposed a new character for the English language to replace the word ‘the’.

Paul Mathias has created the character ‘Ћ’ as an alternative to typing or writing the most commonly used word in the English language. The character would be 66.6% less time consuming than typing the entire 3 letter word and could result in better efficiency in the workplace.

The character would also be beneficial to character limited social media sites, such as Twitter, using only 1 of the restricted character allowance rather than 3.

Whether the idea will take off we will have to wait and see, but looking at the history of single characters replacing entire words it is possible that you might be seeing Ћ on your keyboards in the future. Ћ ampersand (&) has been used to represent ‘and’, Ћ fifth most popular word in Ћ English language for years. More recently Ћ @ symbol has become popular shorthand for ‘at’.


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