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10 Tips to Keep Your Android Secure

Keep up to date
The easiest way to protect against vulnerabilities is to install the latest version of Android. This will include the latest bug fixes and safety features. The latest version of Android is 4.3 Jelly Bean and versions 3.0 onwards include file encryption as standard. Check for updates now!

Put a passcode or screen lock on
Simple security settings like setting a passcode or pattern are easy to implement and provide instant protection, but many still don’t use them. If you don’t already, put a passcode on your device.

Use Chrome for browsing
Chrome has been reported as the most secure option for browsing on Android. Chrome is installed as standard on Android, along with the standard default browser. Select Chrome as your default browser in the internet settings to stay best protected.

Don’t allow downloads from unofficial apps
Apps are available from various sources, other than the official Google Play Store. Installing apps from an unauthorised source could lead you head first into a security breach. Avoid this by disabling the download ‘unofficial apps’ within Android settings.

Use Anti-Malware
You wouldn’t use your computer without antivirus so why use your phone or tablet? Malware in Android is increasing rapidly; keep your devices protected by employing an anti-malware app.

Don’t connect to unknown networks
You’ve hit the jackpot, an unsecured wifi network! Free internet for all! These networks might not end up to be a great as they seem. Unsecured, unknown networks could be a trap, acting as the middleman in order to steal your details, passwords and personal data. Stay safe by only connecting to known, secured wifi networks.

Encrypt your device
Save passwords, information and sensitive notes in an encrypted app not in a notes app. This will keep your personal information and notes away from prying eyes and inaccessible if the device is lost or stolen.

SMS Malwares are on the rise
Android malware is on the rise, with many exploits hidden within SMS based attacks. Premium rate text message malware is increasing and the links contained in these messages can also contain malicious code. Delete all suspicious looking SMS messages and don’t click on any links contained in messages from senders you don’t know.

Use a remote wipe app
There are apps available in the Play Store that can wipe or lock a phone remotely with the touch of a button or the sending of a text. If your phone is stolen, simply send it a text with a certain command and it will be locked and wiped remotely, protecting your data. Find these apps in the Google Play Store.

Plan B
If you’re phones been stolen and there’s nothing you can do, you might have one last life line. Plan B is a service from Lookout, available in the Google Play web store. It can locate your stolen device using your Google account and then further locations can be identified by sending a text message to the phone. All might not be lost!


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