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100Gbps Wifi Record

Researchers in Germany have beaten the world record in wifi speed, achieving a transmission of 100Gbps.

The researchers, based in the south German town of Karlsruhe created a link capable of a record breaking 100 gigbits per second. The kit transmission was achieved using a 237.5GHz carrier and a photonic mixer which provided the super fast wireless transfer across 20 metres.

Although 20 metres would service most households well, the requirement for super fast broadband in the workplace is not only greater but also a much larger market for internet service providers. The breakthrough project may not be set up just yet for the commercial environment but there have been talks of using the technology as an extension to fibre networks. At present extending a fibre network is a pricey job, the use of 100Gbps wifi speeds could provide businesses with the opportunity to extend their fibre networks without installing new, expensive fibre lines but still benefit from high speed downloads.

Researchers believe that speeds of up to 1Tbps could be possible using advanced versions of the photonic technology used in this experiment.


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