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20Mbps 4G in Bristol

The 4G mobile broadband service launched back in 2012 by mobile network provider EE is expecting to double its download speed in the coming months.

As the competition rises with the launch of other networks offering 4G this summer, EE has upped its game by claiming download speeds of 20Mbps could be accessible to users of their network. The current speeds received range between 8-12Mbps.

The increased download will be accessible in 10 of the 50 UK towns and cities that currently receive 4G mobile broadband signal. Bristol is among the fifth that are expected to double their speeds, alongside London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham.

The speeds, though beneficial to the flexibility of mobile browsing and sharing come at a cost, and the increased speeds means increased data which in hand means increased charges. Already EE have reported a change in the way consumers use mobile data since the launch of 4G. Faster download speeds have seen larger amounts of data being transferred over mobile networks, and larger volumes of data being downloaded through apps like sat navs and video players.


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