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21% of UK firms move data out of the USA

According to an independent survey of 300 British and Canadian small businesses (commissioned by Peer 1 Hosting), over a fifth of UK firms and one third of Canadian firms are relocating their information away from US based data centres. This is all because of the NSA intelligence agency scandal revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden in 2013.

The survey shows a general fear and confusion amongst those questioned with 96% concerned about security and 82% about data privacy. Despite this, many UK and Canadian cloud users expressed a lack of in depth knowledge regarding current data privacy laws.

Steve Durbin, Global Vice President of the Information Security Forum (ISF) user group said “We’re starting to see businesses taking a very much more open-eyed approach. The whole NSA thing has actually served a useful purpose – it’s getting people to think much more about what information they’re putting into the cloud, where it’s being stored, how it’s being accessed, and asking questions of the providers as to what exactly they are obliged to do under in this case US federal law.”

The survey highlighted that UK and Canadian firms trust the US far less than they do other countries, yet the US still remains the most popular country to host their data outside of their own country.


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