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3 Unexpected Hackable Devices


Bluetooth Handsfree
The biggest mistake made by Bluetooth users that can result in being easily hacked is not changing the default device name and password.

Default passwords are often a simple ‘1234’ or ‘0000’, by keeping this pairing password other devices have a higher chance of pairing with your device without your prior permission.

Change your Bluetooth password now!

GPS Trackers
GPS is used worldwide by a variety of users, all with very different purposes. From tracking your child on their way home from school through to the whereabouts of your staff, the possibilities are broad, as are the choice of GPS trackers on the market.

Unfortunately some of the lower spec devices aren’t set up with the security features they need to remain secure.

Traffic Lights
Traffic lights can be controlled and altered from their standard routines, and are regularly by the emergency services. Carrying infrared transmitters lights can be prompted to change from red to green to allow emergency vehicles to pass through congested areas quickly and safely.


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