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3D Touch Display in Development

Developers at Microsoft have created a 3D touch screen computer that has the ability to respond physically to create a 3D touch experience.

The device consists of 3 main components, an LCD flat screen panel, force sensors and a robotic arm that can move to control pressure and create the physical illusion of a 3 dimensional object. The pressure applied to the screen is detected and the user is able to manipulate the image displayed on the screen while the robotic arm increases and decreases pressure to create the sense of 3D touch.

It’s hoped that with further research and development that the 3D touch screen could be used in medicine to aid treatments and surgery. The one hurdle that must be overcome before this would become possible would be presenting the different textures and pressures experienced when interacting with the different human tissues.

The development is a long way off becoming commercially viable, but the ground work is making progress for the future stages.


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