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45 Years of Intel

It been 45 years since the company we all know as Intel was first established.

Originally known as Integrated Technology, the company has come a long way since starting out as a memory manufacturer back in 1968. The firm quickly moved on to create their first microprocessor in 1971, although for a while it looked like Intel’s future was heading towards the digital watch industry rather than becoming the leading chip manufacturer in the word. It took the arrival of the IBM computer for Intel’s chips to really take off. The combination of Intel processors and Microsoft OS has dominated the computing world for the last 3 decades.

Intel has been engineered from a small memory making company in the early 70’s into the world’s most popular CPU provider today. So what is next for Intel?…

Sales of Intel products have dropped in the last 6 months due to the increase in tablet and portable device sales. Tablets have typically employed cheaper, more lightweight processors to fit with their portable purpose. But not Intel have a trick up their sleeve, the Haswell chip, specifically designed for lighter user in smaller portable devices. With the PC market getting smaller, this is the chance for Intel to make its mark on the modern tablet market and hold its place as the number 1 chip manufacturer.

Happy 45th Birthday Intel!


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