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48% of World Population to be Online by 2017

A report by Cisco has predicted that by the year 2017 almost half of the world’s population will have internet access.

Cisco has reported that in the next five years 48% of the entire world’s population will be online, that’s 3.6 billion individuals. This increase in access will in line see data traffic increase by up to three times the current volume. The UK on its own will witness a 17% rise in traffic over the next 5 years, with speeds of 50Mbps becoming the norm over the next five years. Data speeds worldwide will rise from an average of 11.3Mbps to 39Mbps.

Where this huge amount of data is being down and uploaded from will also see a shift in pattern. More and more data exchange is being seen through smartphones, tablets and also TV. By 2017 the number of active laptop and desktop devices will have significantly dropped.

Increasing the levels of data being exchanged over worldwide networks opens business doors and offers huge opportunities for the economy. It’s predicted that the private sector alone could generate £9.4trillion from the expected developments in networks, speeds and online processes.


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