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4G – Where and When?

The independent regulator and competition authority for the UK’s communication industries, Ofcom, has announced a timetable to guide the introduction of 4G in the UK.

Any company bidding for the rights to 4G must submit their application by December 11th, although this date has not been finalised. Ofcom will announce the official deadline by November 26th.

The UK has one of the biggest mobile communications industries in Europe, this means networks are able to offer cheaper deals to their customers. 4G is available on 2 spectrums, 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz. The spectrum however is in limited supply, it would be impossible for all operators to offer a 4G service. This is why Ofcom are auctioning bands, for a fair and publically controlled competition.

The review of the applications is expected to take a few weeks so companies hoping to offer 4G will have to wait until February or March to know if they’ve been granted a license.

The lucky winners of the bid should have 4G up and running by May or June. The network will be able to offer customers download speeds of 6Mbit/s, that’s 7 times faster than what is currently available on 3G.

For more information about 4G please visit Ofcom.


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