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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

Ever considered outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?  Here are 5 ways your organisation could benefit from doing so:

  1. Increased control of operational costs

MSPs group their services together into a monthly plan, allowing you to control your IT related costs and save money. Overhead expenses, such as staffing, operational costs and software licences etc. are all included in a flat monthly fee. In addition you to the financial savings, your business can benefit from continuity in its IT support by not having to pay for staff sickness and holiday pay and overtime.

  1. Take focus away from IT, refocus on business functions

Technology is a necessity of running most modern businesses but it can breakdown, be compromised and become outdated. Seemingly endless tech issues can take your focus away from key business functions. MSPs take care of all this, allowing you to re-focus your efforts and energy into running your business.

  1. Access to better resources

Cutting edge technology can be expensive not only for the hardware/software itself, but in hiring or training employees to run such technology. MSPs can provide the latest technology along with the experience to support it, allowing you to get more for less.

  1. IT functions are beyond current abilities

Often an organisation doesn’t have an IT department, instead they have a few staff who are designated as computer experts (even though that may not be their main role or responsibility). This frequently means they lack the knowledge and experience required to run increasingly complex technical systems. Outsourcing your IT provides you with certified engineers that eat, sleep and breathe technology, and can provide enterprise level IT support and knowledge.

  1. Reduced risk from IT failure

Technical systems are built to be robust. However, they aren’t perfect and will eventually fail. This could mean lengthy downtime, increased costs and lost data. Outsourcing your IT can reduce this risk by actively monitoring your systems and offering back-up services which will reduce productivity loss and lost business.


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