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8 Months to Upgrade From Windows XP

Microsoft is putting pressure on XP users to upgrade their systems before support for the 12 year old operating system ceases.

As of April 8th 2014 all support updates and patches for Windows XP will stop, leaving users unprotected from any new vulnerabilities and unsupported by any official service.There are still hundreds of thousands of machines running Windows XP worldwide. Research has predicted that 59% of businesses still use the operating system and only have 8 months left to upgrade before being left in the dark.

A blog by Microsoft Trustworthy Computing has put pressure on network managers and company directors to upgrade their operating system in order to stay secure. The blog read, “There is a sense of urgency because after April 8th Windows XP Service Pack 3 customers will no longer receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates, This means that any new vulnerabilities discovered in Windows XP after its ‘end of life’ will not be addressed by new security updates from Microsoft.”

Without updates XP is a target for hackers and spammers and it’s only a matter on time before a big compromise is made.


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