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5G APs for the Home

A number of high street networking brands will be releasing products in 2013 adapted specifically for the 802.11ac 5th generation internet standard that is currently in development.

Linksys, Buffalo and Netgear have all revealed they will be releasing new wireless access points that use the 802.11ac high throughput connection. This standard allows all programmes to be accessed using the highest possible WiFi speed. Unfortunately not many devices are compatible with the latest standard so companies are also releasing USB adaptors to enable users to gain these high speed transfers.

The home access points being revealed boast some high tech features such as QR codes so visitors don’t require passwords to access a friend or family member’s personal WiFi. Another one of the APs has an application which allows control of access, so certain sites can be blocked at certain times, useful when it comes to homework.

It’s also been reported that Mac will support Gigabit WiFi in 2013.

The 5G standard will not only offer a faster connection but improved energy efficiency and network coverage.


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