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Acunetix Releases Version 9.5

The latest Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner update includes a host of new features to better protect your websites and applications.

Acunetix version 9.5 offers users a number of new services to detect a variety of newly discovered vulnerabilities exploited in Google Web Toolkits, .NET 4.5, JSON, XML and more, as well as a new feature to categorise known vulnerabilities using classifications provided by CVSS, CWE and CVE. The new classification system allows users to assess the severity of a discovered vulnerability; developers can then prioritise resolving issues based on an official risk factor.

Google Web Toolkit Vulnerability Detection
This benefits developers that are implementing web applications using GWT. Acunetix now fully supports web applications implemented in Google Web Toolkit, exposing all types of vulnerabilities in such web applications, including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.

AcuSensor technology updated to support .NET 4.5
ASP .NET developers will be glad to know that Acunetix proprietary AcuSensor Technology has been updated to better support applications implemented in the latest version of .NET. Traditional black box scanners do not know how an application reacts, and source code analysers do not understand how the application will behave while under attack. AcuSensor Technology combines both techniques to provide Integrated Application Security Testing (IAST) and achieve significantly better results.

Test Host Headers, JSON and XML inputs
The Acunetix scanner has also been updated to run checks on the Host Header in the HTTP request, as well as on JSON and XML inputs. JSON and XML inputs are also tested when these values are located in the cookies exchanged with the web application.

Download Acunetix version 9.5 here or speak to us about how you can get licensed and start protecting your sites today.


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