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Android App Ops Feature Removed

A security feature in Android 4.4.2 which allowed users to control what access apps had access to data has been revoked, with Google saying the feature was released by mistake.

The App Ops feature gave users the ability to control what apps could access certain data on their devices, this data included location and contact information. The feature was praised by security experts as it gave users the ability to control each app and it’s access easily, a feature that has been available on the iPhone for a while, following reports of unauthorised data collection by iOS apps.

Just days after the 4.4.2 update was released the App Ops feature was removed from Android OS. Google made a statement to explain that the code is untested and was released as part of the update by mistake, suggesting that Android app developers would need to be warned before any App Op feature was officially released.

The statement however didn’t completely rule out the feature, and future versions of Android could see a similar service offered to users.


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