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Android Defender Malware

A type of malware targeting antivirus software is increasingly threatening Android handsets.

The malware has evolved from bugs that used to target desktops and laptops to similar mobile versions. Unlike the old computer versions which would request a paid upgrade to a full version in order to provide full protection, these new attacks are holding Android devices hostage and proving difficult for the user to regain control of their device. Messages continue to pop up in the notifications bar until the app is uninstalled, which can be near impossible if the malware manages to lock the device within the app, which is a feature seen regularly.

The most recently discovered threat, referred to as ‘Android Fakedefender’ which attacks Android Defender also sees a type of ransomware which denies the user access to apps and features. The bug continues to reopen the app and makes it difficult for the user to access settings in order to remove the infected app.



These kinds of attacks, which can leave devices completely unusable, highlight the importance of only downloading apps from reliable sources.


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