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How Anonymous Are Anonymous Proxies ?

Anonymous proxies are often used when an internet user wishes to makes their activity online untraceable. It works by using a “proxy server computer that acts as an intermediary and privacy shield between a client computer and the rest of the Internet. It accesses the Internet on the user’s behalf, protecting personal information by hiding the client computer’s identifying information”.

Anonymous Proxies

However, these anonymous proxies are not always anonymous, depending on your perspective. Whilst using these anonymous proxy sites, you can navigate to alternate sites under the IP address of the proxy, essentially disguising you from the site you want to view. But how safe is the proxy? Who’s listening in on the line? Who controls the server?

A proof of concept was released at DefCon, a yearly hacker convention based in Las Vegas, in which Chema Alonso and Manu “The Sur” gave a live demonstration of how they turned all users of their web proxy, into one big Javascript phishing net. You can view this by clicking here…

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