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Apple Announce iPad Air

An Apple conference in the US yesterday confirmed rumours that new iPads are on their way.

Until yesterday, new generation iPads were just a rumour, but now it’s confirmed, Apple will be releasing 2 new iPad models into the consumer market.

The iPad Air will be the latest craze for Apple addicts, boasting a thickness of just 7.5mm, a whole 20% thinner than the previous model. The iPad Air also claims to be the lightest tablet on the market weighing in at just 469g. One feature that was expected in yesterday’s announcement was a fingerprint sensor, the same technology that’s recently been introduced to the iPhone 5S but the anticipated announcement did not come. The iPad Air however will share some features of the 5S, both devices will use the high spec A7 chip for faster multiple processes.

Apple also launched the second generation iPad Mini, a 7.9inch retina display version of the micro tablet.

Along with the iPad announcements, Apple also revealed their latest operating system, named Maverick. The upgrade to Maverick OS will be offered free to Mac users running OS X from 2009 and later, upgrading from older versions will incur a cost.

The iPad has claimed just shy of 20% of Apples total revenue this year and the iPad Air is expected to be the latest must have for Mac fans across the globe.


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