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Apple Collaborates with Car Manufactures to Roll out Hands Free iPhone Control CarPlay

Apple has teamed up with various car makers to create CarPlay which lets drivers use hands free iPhones to make calls, access music, send and receive texts and get directions with a touch or voice command through the car’s display and controls.

The device called CarPlay works through Apples voice command tool ‘Siri’ and is designed to make operating an iPhone (in a car) safer with minimalised distractions.

Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benze are the first manufactures to roll out the hands free iPhone controls with Hyundai, Honda and Jaguar set to introduce CarPlay later this year.

The CarPlay application is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s and will be rolled out as part of an iOS7 update.

Google announced in January that it would be looking to do a similar thing to bring Android into cars.


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