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Apple Releases iOS Patch to Cover SSL Flaw

Apple security researchers revealed last week that the latest iOS update had a coding error that bypassed a key validation step during SSL encryption and requires an iOS Patch. This meant that communications sent over unsecured Wi-Fi hot spots could have been intercepted and read while unencrypted, potentially exposing user password, bank data and other sensitive information. Secured Wi-Fi networks (e.g. home and business networks) with encryption enabled are not affected.

On Saturday, several security researches reported that the flaw also affected OS X 10.9 and other OS X versions. On OS X, the SSL security issue is limited to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, but only through Safari. unfortunately for the iOS platform, it uses the WebKit based Safari engine even in non-Safari browsers. This means all iOS browsers can be exploited.

Apple has reported that they have already fixed the OS X issue  and will be releasing an iOS Patch for the iOS platform soon too.


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