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Apps 1 – 0 Mobile Sites

A recent survey has revealed that 85% of the smartphone using population prefer apps to mobile sites.

An overall positive user experience, according to research is created through a combination of speedy, aesthetically pleasing apps that can offer advanced features. Security and trust were also focal points for users. Increasing numbers of transactions are being seen via online banking and e-commerce, using comparatively insecure mobile networks whilst on the move. Apps generated a more positive reaction when it came to security, with most users choosing to access online accounts linked to banks via apps as opposed to mobile websites.

Only 1% said they preferred mobile sites to apps.

The advantage of apps doesn’t only lie with the end user, but the content providers also benefit hugely by inviting more users to use their apps than their mobile site. Once in the app, there is no way of drifting off and finding competitors without exiting the app and either opening another or searching for the alternative site.



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