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AT800 – The 4G TV Interference Helpline

The recent sale of the UKs 4G spectrum will see 10% of homes Freeview TV service disrupted.

The 4G mobile broadband service is expected to go live in the summer, utilising the 800MHz spectrum analogue TV used to occupy. For those located near one of the many 4G masts that will transmit the frequency there may be disruptions and in some cases, total failure to work of many digital TVs. Those affected will be given a 4 week forewarning before the spectrum goes live and causes the disruptions.

The winning companies of the 4G spectrum have funded a service set up to provide assistance and resolution to the 10% of homes and businesses that will be affected. AT800 will provide support to those disrupted and aims to resolve the problems by providing filters to cleanse the interference. Which bandwidths will be used by which company is still in discussion, so who will be affected is still to be decided.

For the minority whose interruptions are strong enough to continue to cause disruptions after the filter has been installed, the authority is required to provide them with an alternative TV viewing platform.

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