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Ativ Q Windows 8/Android Tablet

Samsung Ativ Q keyboard

Samsung have revealed their latest product, a tablet that runs both Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

The 13 inch Ativ Q tablet will offer consumers a versatile tablet experience by combining two popular operating systems. The 13.3” display contains a slide out flexible keyboard which also serves as a secondary purpose as a stand. Samsung have also employed the new Intel Haswell chip, a chip designed specifically to target the growing tablet market, following a down turn in the laptop and desktop market. Until now tablets have leant towards ARM chips as they have better power usage and do no not require a cooling system, meaning they can be fitted in compact, lightweight devices. The Ativ Q tablet will boast 9 hours of battery life.

Combining two popular platforms offers both consumer and manufacturer benefits. Samsung will benefit from a wider consumer market, and users will experience the best bits of both the windows and Android experience. Windows functionalities like Microsoft Office combined with variety of fun, practical Android apps is a partnership that many consumers will want to be a part of.


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