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Avoid Office 365 Vendor Lock-in With Message Archiving

With Office 365 now using 50Gb mailboxes as standard, the risk of becoming locked in to the Microsoft Office 365 platform is increasing. Given the recent legal disputes regarding granting the FBI access to data stored in its Ireland data-center in breach EU Data Protection directives, being locked in to the Microsoft platform without the ability to migrate on short notice may prove a risk to your business in the future.

Using a third party backup and archival system, such as a Barracuda Networks Message Archiver appliance, can overcome this Office 365 limitation and allow you to reduce the amount of mail stored in the vendor cloud. This will give you the freedom to migrate to a different provider, or move in-house in the future if circumstances require it. You can also get increased piece of mind when it comes to storing your mails for security and auditing purposes.

Available as either a hardware appliance or a virtual machine, the Barracuda Message Archiver uses a technique known as “Exchange Stubbing” to link mail stored in the appliance to the Exchange Information store, not only reducing the amount of space used in the mailbox database, but also improving performance as queries are instead redirected to the archive. You also have the ability to use customizable templates to perform eDiscovery and Litigation holds.

Other features in Barracuda Networks Message Archiver include:

  • Cloud Connected Archiving – Automatically backup your data to cloud-storage of your choice
  • Stackable Appliances – Link multiple Message Archivers together to increase both storage capacity and performance
  • Federated Search – Search multiple datastores at the same time, even when one of them is offline
  • Mobile Apps – Search the mail archives from BYOB devices
  • Support for multiple mail platforms – Inluding on-premises Exchange, Office 365, GoogleApps and SMTP/POP

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