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Barclays Launches Document Scanning App for Mortgage Brokers

Barclays is helping to speed up the process of securing a mortgage by creating a document scanning app for mortgage brokers. This app will allow mortgage brokers to save time by uploading submission documents whilst out on the road.

As the document scanning app for mortgage brokers is available when the user is on the move, it can be used by smartphones and tablets with cameras attached to them. The user simply takes a picture of the document and uploads it using the mortgage application tool allowing it to be visible by the banks staff.

Barclays bank has described this tool as a first for UK banks and aims to use it to cut down on the time taken between the applicant applying for the mortgage and acceptance. TechWorld have commented that this document scanning app for mortgage brokers will also “remove any uncertainty over whether documents have been received, with historic information on hand to staff”.

Barclays banking app

Richard Merrett, Technical Director of Alexander Hal has said that he has “already seen positive results in Barclay’s time to offer since the launch of the facility and it demonstrates their willingness to listen to broker feedback and further develop a proposition that supports good customer outcomes”.

This app is only one of many recent steps the bank has taken to digitalise its processes. Barclays have also announced that they will be expanding a pilot for a ‘cheque imaging system’ which allows retail customers to make deposits through their smartphones.

Another digital service Barclays have recently launched is a ‘video conferencing service‘ allowing users to speak to Bank staff remotely and capabilities such a ‘cloud storage‘ for the users financial documents.


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