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Blackberry 10 OS

Blackberry Z10

Today sees the long awaited release of the Blackberry 10 range, the first launch the business smart phone company has had in a year and a half.

The Z10 and Q10 which run on the newly developed Blackberry 10 OS have been released into the UK’s mainstream market today, and will reach the US markets in March. The phones have taken a huge step up from the Blackberry’s we remember in order to tackle the iPhone and Android markets head on.

The two years invested by Blackberry to design and develop the new operating system have meant no new models have been launched in in a year and a half. This has seen the company take a huge hit both financially and in consumer popularity. Back in 2010 Blackberry devices made up 20% of the smart phone market, today that statistic stands at below 4%.

The new models, the Z10 and Q10 both boast many new features, including 70,000 additional apps, the ability to run 8 apps simultaneously and Blackberry messenger audio and video calls. The biggest improvements are reported to be in the previous weak points of blackberry devices, the keyboard and browser. Blackberry claim that browsing and typing now make for positive user experience. The Z10 offers users a 4.2inch touch screen which will put it just a few strides ahead the iPhone5 in terms of display.

Blackberry hope that the developments, changes and introductions they’ve thought long and hard over will put Blackberry back up there in tough competition with iOS and Android devices. The


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