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Brand New iOS7 Revealed


As predicted, last night Apple revealed the newest and most advanced mobile operating system to date, iOS7.

Yesterday we reported of the leaked screenshots that suggested many of the changes which have now been officially unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco that kicked off yesterday.

Apple have now confirmed that iOS has been subject to a complete re-design, with numerous additional and enhanced features to improve user experience in browsing, sharing and multi-tasking. The design is a clean, more simplistic user interface, bringing order to what is becoming a more increasingly complex system. The icon and font redesign creates a sharp, flat look within menus and icons, with complete overhauls of the photos and games icons.


Aside from the look of iOS7 which is a significant upgrade from previous versions of the mobile OS, there are also a number of additional features and improvements within existing apps. The most talked about introduction is a control centre, accessed by swiping upwards when within any app or menu. The swipe opens a tab that brings many frequently used features to one easily accessible and controllable location. The centre allows control over functions such as wifi, volume and can open useful apps such as the torch.

iOS7 also brings with it a brand new Apple service, iTunes Radio, a streaming service that works much like Last FM and Spotify by streaming music in playlists based on the users tastes. Streaming has become the most popular method of listening to music in recent years, users are moving away from purchasing music from iTunes and more towards paying for access to huge libraries of music. This move by Apple will put them back at the forefront of the competition between suppliers like Spotify.

Security features have also been enhanced by iOS7, a feature called iCloud Keychain will now be available to users. This service securely stores passwords and credit card information.

Other features offered with the OS upgrade will be improved camera features, with inbuilt filters, as well as optional voices for Siri.

Apple also revealed the latest operating system for their Mac desktop and laptop computers. Named Maverick, it will replace Mountain Lion as the Mac OS X.


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