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Bristol – Most Advanced Digital City?

Bristol has made it to the final to become the UK’s most advanced digital city as part of the government run Future Cities Award Scheme.

The award which is being governed by the Technology Strategy Board will award £24million to the winning city. The Future Cities Demonstrator programme has encouraged cities to engage integrated systems to address challenges relating to population, demographic, resources, services, transport and waste.

Bristol is one of the four finalist cities, along with London, Glasgow and Peterborough. The project aims to improve local economy, increase quality of life and address and promote environmental issues.

Bristol’s bid is headed by the newly elected George Ferguson and is supported by some of the biggest and most influential locally based businesses including HP, Toshiba, Arup, IBM, BAE Systems, SETSquared, Watershed and Knowle West Media Centre.

The bid put forward by Bristol proposes a public IT system that aids citizens by collaborating real time essential information relating to transport, energy, health and economy in one place. The proposal reflects the innovative and communal nature of the city.

The winning city will create an intelligent, efficient and sustainable urban environment through the aid of technology.


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