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Budget 2013 Tech Predictions

Tomorrow we’ll all learn our fortune for the next year as the government’s budget 2013 is announced.

Chancellor George Osborne will reveal how the government intends to spend its millions over the next 365 days. Many predictions have been made by journalists, politicians and bankers but how do we expect the new budget to affect technology…

The biggest prediction is the introduction of Wifi on all UK train services. There are still some train companies and routes that don’t have internet facilities available for commuters. The companies that do offer Wifi have seen the number of passengers using the service increase in direct correlation to the introduction of free Wifi on their routes.

Last year £150 million was placed to fund the Urban Broadband Fund, a government scheme to improve broadband connections in the UK’s major cities. Virgin Media has made a request that a significant amount of this budget should be used to fund training and the development of skills. Both Virgin Media and BT are backing this request in fear of the government backed Wifi competing with their own private services. Their argument is that more money needs to be dedicated to improving the IT infrastructure and use within small to medium sized businesses. Both companies are hoping that the new budget won’t impede on their own business.

The UK’s Budget 2013 will be revealed tomorrow on Wednesday 20th March.


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