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Build Your Own Smart Phone


A Dutch designer and Google owned phone manufacturer Motorola have collaborated to develop the worlds first ‘build your own’ smartphone.

The project aims to create a long lasting, easily repairable and upgradable, personable device that grows with the needs and wants of its user by offering a variety of interchangeable ‘blocks’ which create a unique, personal and versatile device. If you’re into photography you have the choice of installing a high spec camera blok.

A variety of PhoneBloks would be available from the Blokstore, which work like an app store, but for hardware rather than software. The platform is flexible and has the potential to expand into other technology markets, most likely tablets.

The idea is the creation of Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, and now with the help of tech giants Motorola, the idea looks set to become a reality.

Find out more about Phonebloks here.


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