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Business computers

Office computers are key resources in your company. Yet choosing a business computer can be tricky given the overwhelming number of options. The trick is to focus on what you want to do with it and prepare a clear set of IT requirements before looking at specific business PC models.

Business computer basics

The most common type of business computer is a PC (personal computer). These are made by different companies but use the same underlying technology. They can run a wide range of programs and are the type of computer most people are familiar with.

The main alternative to a business PC is an Apple Mac. Although traditionally used mainly in creative industries, they have gradually become more popular. However, as they’re significantly more expensive than comparable PCs, business take-up has been limited.

Both these types of business computer are available as:

  • Desktops, consisting of a base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. They are designed to be set up and used in one place.
  • Laptops, single, flat units which fold out to reveal a display, keyboard, and trackpad (instead of a mouse). They are designed to be used on the move.

When connected to a full-size monitor, keyboard and mouse, a laptop can do everything a desktop can with the added benefit of portability. Because of this, many companies issue them as standard – especially small businesses.

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