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Businesses Looking to Hire Official Hackers

KPMG, a Global audit, tax and finance organisation has released a report stating that half of UK companies they surveyed would consider hiring an official hacker to help defend against cyber security attacks even if they held a criminal record for past activities.

Cyber security is constantly changing and targeted attacks on businesses are on the rise. Because of this, organisations are trying to keep up with this constantly evolving situation and proactively protect their businesses from security attacks through a variety of methods. One of these methods includes hiring specific individuals who have expertise in protection methods because they have been on the other side of the attacks in the past as they have often created them.

Businesses Looking to Hire Official Hackers

Through the organisations they spoke to, KPMG’s findings were able to report the following:

  • Nearly three quarters (74%) of businesses admit new cyber challenges require new skills and nearly two thirds (64%) admit cyber skills are different to conventional IT skills
  • 57% of businesses are finding it more difficult to retain specialised staff in cyber skills and that there is a high level of churn due to aggressive headhunting
  • Over half would consider hiring a hacker or someone with a criminal record to keep ahead of the game

The survey was conducted using “300 senior IT and HR professionals in organisations employing 500-plus staff to assess how the corporate world is ‘skilling-up’ to protect itself against cyber security breaches”.

Although the majority of those asked concluding this shortage of expertise “exists because the skills needed to combat the cyber threat are different to those required for conventional IT security” there is another way compared to hiring an official hacker.

Signal Networks is able to offer Ethical Hacking services without employing official hackers that have gained their skills through illegal methods. Our services can include the following:

Staff at Signal Networks are technically accredited to CEH, CCNA, MCSE and MCSA standards and the company holds accreditations in ITILv3 for service delivery, work to Prince 2 methodology for project delivery and are ISO 9001:2008 qualified all whilst working towards a ISO 27001:2005 qualification.

The IT Consultants who are certified Ethical Hacker have been accredited by the EC Council and can create bespoke security assessments, programs and reports dependant on your requirements. To find out more, contact us today.


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