Business migration to VMware with replicated Veeam


Our client, a global retail company, had no backup or disaster recovery solution in place. This meant there was a high risk of losing valuable data should they suffer from hardware failure or a disaster situation.

Our Solution

We virtualised two physical servers (P2V), to enhance server performance and increase redundancy. This allowed for the servers to run on the ESXi hosts (hypervisor).

VMware was already in place, so we provisioned and configured a VMware vCenter server to manage the ESXi hosts.

We then built a Veeam server to take scheduled automated backups of the servers and provide consistent replication of virtual machines between hosts; replicating the virtual machines running on host A to host B and vice versa.

Upgrading the VM host and performing the P2V server operation did require a small amount of downtime, but with experienced planning and communication we were able to minimise the downtime as much as possible.


As a result of the work carried out our client’s servers were more agile and efficient, with lower running costs. They also had automatic scheduled backups and replication of all their servers, meaning, in the event of a disaster, servers can be failed over and data can be retrieved.

Our client was very pleased with not only the end solution, but with our planning, timescale and delivery.


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