Antivirus Upgrade

Digital Marketing Agency Antivirus Upgrade

The Client, a digital marketing agency based in Bristol, were experiencing many network related issues including high internal network latency, virus related problems on many machines and most importantly loss of e-mail communications. After extensive testing on the network Signal Networks were able to trace the symptoms to a rouge antivirus application.

The client whose network constitutes of two Microsoft windows 2008 r2 servers one of which is also running Microsoft exchange 2010, 50 end user computers and various network hardware devices including a Juniper SSG20 were using a network compatible antivirus program installed on all machines. The rouge antivirus application was causing many issues as previous mentioned but possibly the three most significant factors were the limited protection offered to the client machines as shown by the infestation of malware in the network, the broadcasting of many multicast data packets causing high latency with the saturation of traffic and the final issue, dropping of multiple e-mails.

All three issues presented a major problem to the client, but considering their working environment (a digital marketing agency) the most important was the dropping of e-mails. The antivirus program included an in-built spam and malware filter, this would filter any incoming e-mails that was thought to be spam (the majority of which were not) or malicious. The problem presented by this was only the minority of these filtered emails would show in the graphical user interface of the application, thus dropping important contacts from potential and current clients.

Signal Networks carried out efficient, extensive testing of a network that was believe to be crippled by a large number of problems due to the high volume of symptoms displayed and quickly traced the issue to the existing antivirus program. A full uninstallation of the software and migration to ESET (an industry standard certified antivirus application) was recommended. This included the following;

• Removing all software from client laptops and desktop machines and replacing with ESET Endpoint security
• Removing all Malware and Spyware from the client machines
• Removing software on Exchange 2010 server and replacing with ESET Mail security version 5
• Installation of ESET remote administration server and console allowing administrators to ensure machines are up to date with virus definitions and receive threat alerts easier.

Within a short period of time Signal Networks had performed this task. With the ESET antivirus solution in place and correctly configured for the client needs a noticeable improvement to all symptoms mentioned was reported, allowing the client to increase efficiency without their IT being the deciding factor in productivity any longer.



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