E-mail server problems

E-mail server problems

The client had an unreliable server used for accessing emails over a dial up connection. The dial-up networking software had crashed on a number of occasions leaving the line connected and mounting call charges for the client. Also, to complicate matters, the client’s problems with accessing emails and dial-up connections had to be resolved on a fairly tight budget.

We advised the client to have broadband installed onto their network. The cost of installation and the fixed monthly fee of the solution meant there were no surprise bills as there had been in the past with a dial-up connection.

A Linux server was then built using the existing server hardware. An email server was configured on the box so emails could be held centrally and mail delivery times within the office would improve. The Samba software was then installed so files and printers could be shared on the LAN in much the same way as a Windows server.



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