Global Pharmaceutical Replicated Disaster Recovery


Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, was increasing its infrastructure in multiple countries across the world and wanted to improve its disaster recovery solution by centralising their backup and increasing redundancy.

Our Solution

As VMware was already implemented in all sites we recommended using Veeam. In addition to being a market leader in all-in-one backup & replication solutions, Veeam’s built in WAN accelerator was particularly suited to this client, as it required backup/replication of large amounts of data to and from locations worldwide over 50MB to 200MB connections.

We built a central Veeam server in our UK based datacentre, with 20+ TB of storage to accommodate our client’s data. This server was then configured to run multiple jobs replicating data from each site across the world back to the server in our datacentre, as a backup location to their primary running sites.

In the event of a failure in any of our client’s sites, the virtual machines can almost instantly be failed over to the datacentre minimising any downtime or loss of service.

The Veeam server also controls all local backups at each site, providing a second layer of redundancy and offering point in time restorations of individual files, mailbox items or AD & SQL server objects.

To achieve this solution without compromising the high level of security maintained by the client, only the necessary ports were opened to allow the replication and backup jobs to take place. Managed service accounts were created in AD specifically for individual VMs to allow for databases to be quiescence and transaction logs to be truncated.

The Result

As a result of the work carried out our client not only has a backup solution on each site, but that backup is also replicated and backed up to a centralised server in the UK datacentre. This provides centralised management, reduced downtime and an effective secure disaster recovery solution.


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