New network installation

New network installation

The client had recently purchased new desktops for all members of staff, but there was no LAN in place so data could not be shared and work was often being reproduced. They had also purchased Broadband but because they had no LAN in place users were not able to use the service. Costs were also an issue as they had made a significant financial investment in the desktops leaving very little for additional IT work.


•Connect PCs over a LAN so data and printers could be shared and protect their computers from viruses and internet worms.

The office was flood wired with Cat5 cabling so that there were plenty of data socket connections in every location. An IpCop firewall was installed on one of their old desktop machines and configured to block any external access to the LAN. A Linux file server was also installed on a spare PC so data files could be shared between staff.

The use of Samba on the Linux server enabled the server to function as a Windows server so staff could use shares from their Windows XP desktop boxes without the added expense of purchasing a Windows server license. Finally virus scanning and anti-spam software was installed on all desktops.



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