Secure hosting for e-learning portal

Secure hosting for e-learning portal

Our clients servers are hosted on the backbone of a major ISP at a PoP (Point of Presence), all of which have been very satisfied with our services along with the connection provided.

One advantage of being a slightly smaller company than some of our competitors is that we are able to provide a more dedicated personal customer relationship along with excellent support and advice. All of our engineers are qualified to the highest level and are 100% committed to the company – something you do not always get with global market leaders. There are times when we are not always able to resolve an issue so for this we have extended manufacture support for parts and fault resolution to help get our clients back up and running in the unlikely event of system outage.

Signal Networks have public liability insurance along with public indemnity, as required for a UK IT support company. We have been trading since the year 2000 and have a solid base of satisfied clients.

If you choose to host your own rack you would need to add the extra cost of using a dedicated rack along with an enterprise grade firewall, load balancing devices and managed switches to the original order. We have invested much time and hardware to provide the current infrastructure so we can offer you this at a lower cost.

Along with everything mentioned here we always offer the opportunity for you to meet the team and review our rack space at the PoP along with our internet providers managed facility. References can be supplied upon request.



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