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Client Support Just Keeps Getting Bigger

Today Richard Collins Managing Director of Signal Networks Ltd, (the west’s leading IT support company) announced further enlargement of the companys award winning Help Desk and Technical Support team. Following the recent move to a brand new office at Bath Road Studios the company is on it’s way onwards and upwards. The new office is three times larger than the old one and the company plans to make full use of this new space by expanding the company significantly over the coming years. The Bristol based company, first established in 2000 made the announcement today following both a series of…


Apple store offline ready to launch the iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5 press event scheduled to be held later today in San Fransisco, its not a shock to learn that Apple has been busy making some behind-the-scenes updates to prepare for a huge amount of purchases on its online store. Currently, the store front is showing a message that the company is “busy updating the Apple Store” but it should be back online “soon”. We are going to guess that it will come back online shortly after the press event, which is currently scheduled to start at 1 pm Eastern time (10 am Pacific time). One cool…


Why your business needs an IT security policy

Why you need a security policy News just in. Your computer system has been broken into! Yes, your impregnable firewall, amazing anti-virus and 99.9% secure password have all been breached. How could this be? Step forward your company employees. Recent studies have compounded old research highlighting the astounding ignorance and negligence of employees when it comes to security. Read on to see three ways your employees can undo all your investment in security, and to find out where you may be at risk Click here to find out more


The benefits of having in-house IT support

Provide IT support in-house There are several advantages to providing technical support via an in-house IT helpdesk. It allows you to build up IT knowledge in your business, thereby become less reliant on external IT suppliers for support. This may enable you to install and support new equipment yourself, cutting costs in these areas.     Please click here to read more…


In-house vs outsourced: the two sides of the IT support debate

Outsourced IT support or in-house IT support? It can be hard to decide which is right for your business. Both options have their advantages, but you need to be certain you’re making the right decision before you commit to the investment.   To help you out, here’s our quick guide to outsourced IT support vs. in-house provision.


A quick guide to company e-mail

Business email Business email is easy to use and versatile. As virtually every business needs it, there are lots of providers to choose from. What’s your company email system for? Because there are several ways to get a business email system, it’s important to establish your requirements first, then work out the best way to meet them. As well as estimating how many email addresses you need, you should consider how you want to access your email. Will you want to log in when you’re away from the office, or receive emails on a mobile phone? Many email services limit…


Why are women slower to adopt technology?

The ‘gender gap’ is something which gets analysed in almost every aspect of our lives. The age old ‘battle of the sexes’ rears its head time and time again – and now it has cropped up in the world of technology. Even in the twenty-first century it seems notable trends develop between males and females. Recent reports suggest that men are more likely to engage earlier with new technologies such as tablet computers and that they use mobile broadband more than women.   Please click here to read more      


Is email based on out of date technology?

We all rely on email for our business so its important to have something that is reliable, backed up and that lets you work on the move seamlessly. However I come across many people who are using POP3 without realizing the major limitations. If you need to check your email in more than one place – which is standard these days – it’s important to explore your options and upgrade. Is email based on out of date technology? Click here to read more.  


Why you shouldn’t return spam

Why you should never reply to spam e-mail http://www./it/it-security/spam-prevention/why-you-shouldn-t-return-spam/?s=sig086   This short video from HowStuffWorks explains why you should never return or reply to spam email.


Do your employees need iphones?

Eight steps to finding a reliable web host: http://www./it/the-internet/eight-steps-to-finding-a-reliable-web-host/?s=sig089   My mother is a middle aged woman, constantly travelling and in contact with the office. Her employer provides her with a Blackberry, which she takes everywhere, along with her address book. That’s right, an analogue, paper, not-HD address book.

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