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The benefits of having in-house IT support

Provide IT support in-house There are several advantages to providing technical support via an in-house IT helpdesk. It allows you to build up IT knowledge in your business, thereby become less reliant on external IT suppliers for support. This may enable you to install and support new equipment yourself, cutting costs in these areas.     Please click here to read more…


How to create usable online forms

Badly designed website forms are, at best, laborious to use. At worst, they can make people abandon your website entirely With online forms central to most websites, be it for sign ups, online shopping or collecting contact details, an optimised user experience has got to include a usable online form. By putting some effort into a few key areas, you can create an online form that will keep users engaged and make their journey as easy as possible. Here are five tips for creating usable online forms: Click here to read more    


Keeping your IT systems clean

Keeping your IT systems clean http://www./blog/2011/04/empty-office-take-advantage-cleaning-your-it/?s=sign086   Carry out software updates and patches. If you’ve been waiting for an opportune moment to roll out updates to computers on your network, this could be it. With fewer people about, any glitches should cause little disruption. So when things pick up next week, you’ll be fully up-to-date and ready to go. Clean up your computers. Sometimes keeping a computer clean of junk feels like a losing battle – especially if you have adventurous employees who install their own software. But there are ways to fight back: for a start, try CCleaner, which…


Do your employees need iphones?

Eight steps to finding a reliable web host: http://www./it/the-internet/eight-steps-to-finding-a-reliable-web-host/?s=sig089   My mother is a middle aged woman, constantly travelling and in contact with the office. Her employer provides her with a Blackberry, which she takes everywhere, along with her address book. That’s right, an analogue, paper, not-HD address book.


Convert reluctant customers online

Convert reluctant customers online: http://www./it/the-internet/convert-reluctant-customers-online/?s=sig086   The internet has helped level the playing field for small firms, putting you in front of a global audience for minimal costs. But just getting people to visit your website is not enough. You need to reassure them you are a safe place to buy from – and that isn’t always easy.


Information is the lifeblood of business, so why don’t small companies protect it?

Information is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, everything else you need to make a business tick – like sales, customers or profit – stalls permanently. So making that information easily accessible is vital. As it’s so important, you’d expect the information to be easily available to the people who need it, and protected from those who don’t. However, the reality is different: at last year’s IP Expo, 60% of people surveyed by my company City Lifeline said they had lost access to their company’s IT system following an unexpected incident. Oops. Read more on the IT Donut…   Contact Signal Networks…


Keeping your PCs shut to online criminals

With the number and complexity of cyber threats steadily rising, particularly with the growth in mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for SMBs to find the right in-house resources to protect themselves. For a medium-sized business a single financial attack could irrevocably cut into annual profits but it could be make or break for a smaller business. Businesses need to have the right network security solutions in place but also comprehensive endpoint security to defend against new and existing cyber threats. This is especially important given that we’ve seen hackers move from attacking networks to attacking the PC itself. Read…

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