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Important patches for XSS vulnerabilities

Microsoft released two bulletins rated as ‘important’ on its Patch Tuesday for September yesterday. As revealed by SC Magazine last week, these address two unique vulnerabilities. Microsoft said that it believed neither of the issues are being actively exploited in the wild and neither bulletin requires customers to restart their machines. Jason Miller, manager of research and development at VMware, said that both Microsoft security bulletins apply to specific and possible rare software on administrators networks. He said: “MS12-061 affects Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 and MS12-062 affects Systems Management Server 2003/2007. Both bulletins are rated as important…


Can you trust your staff?

We all trust our staff 100%, right? We’re not in any way worried that they might run off with our data, or email it to their personal email address the week they leave. Unfortunately most companies can’t be so trusting. Data theft is a huge concern for many business owners. If someone steals your data and passes it to a competitor then you could be left with a major problem. How to stop data theft A few years ago data leakage prevention (DLP) technologies were considered only suitable for larger companies that could afford to spend thousands on sophisticated software…


In-house vs outsourced: the two sides of the IT support debate

Outsourced IT support or in-house IT support? It can be hard to decide which is right for your business. Both options have their advantages, but you need to be certain you’re making the right decision before you commit to the investment.   To help you out, here’s our quick guide to outsourced IT support vs. in-house provision.


Keeping your IT systems clean

Keeping your IT systems clean http://www./blog/2011/04/empty-office-take-advantage-cleaning-your-it/?s=sign086   Carry out software updates and patches. If you’ve been waiting for an opportune moment to roll out updates to computers on your network, this could be it. With fewer people about, any glitches should cause little disruption. So when things pick up next week, you’ll be fully up-to-date and ready to go. Clean up your computers. Sometimes keeping a computer clean of junk feels like a losing battle – especially if you have adventurous employees who install their own software. But there are ways to fight back: for a start, try CCleaner, which…


Why you shouldn’t return spam

Why you should never reply to spam e-mail http://www./it/it-security/spam-prevention/why-you-shouldn-t-return-spam/?s=sig086   This short video from HowStuffWorks explains why you should never return or reply to spam email.


SSL encryption for your website

A guide to SSL encryption for your website: http://www./it/the-internet/ssl-encryption-for-your-website   Ben Dyer of e-commerce supplier Actinic explains that although an SSL certificate can be very useful for an online shop, it’s not the only security precaution you need


How to hack your PC or Mac with USB HID

We live in the world full of serpents, overlook things for seconds and you  are bitten to death. Trojans, viruses, malware are everywhere. They find new ways to enter our  sacred computers some way or the other. Talking about scenarios where  hacker had physical access, traditionally, lame Autorun based USBs could install  unwanted programs on your PCs the moment they are plugged, but those are easy to  get rid of: Switch off autoplay. What if a USB uses a cross-platform native profile to inject malicious programs into  computers? — It becomes unstoppable. Read more:


Keeping your PCs shut to online criminals

With the number and complexity of cyber threats steadily rising, particularly with the growth in mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for SMBs to find the right in-house resources to protect themselves. For a medium-sized business a single financial attack could irrevocably cut into annual profits but it could be make or break for a smaller business. Businesses need to have the right network security solutions in place but also comprehensive endpoint security to defend against new and existing cyber threats. This is especially important given that we’ve seen hackers move from attacking networks to attacking the PC itself. Read…

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