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Avoid problems with software developers

If you run your own business, there’s a good chance you’ll end up working with a software developer at some point. If so, it won’t take long to realise that most software developers think differently to business people, and so getting your communication right is essential Don’t be alarmed. This is normal and can be managed if you take note of these points: Define what you need. Your developer must understand what you mean when you say something. Do not just say what you want and leave it at that. Explain the business processes around your new software, and be…


Open source and free business software

Open source and free business software Free business software isn’t always second best. In fact, some of the best software is free, enabling your business to benefit from up to date, highly-capable applications without paying a penny. Free business software – all it’s cracked up to be? The easiest way to find free business software is to look online. Free software tends to fall into one of four categories: Freeware. In general, freeware is available at no cost and with no restrictions. Freeware tends to be simple software designed to perform one or two tasks. Shareware. Shareware is free to…


Keeping your PCs safe from online criminals

With the number and complexity of cyber threats steadily rising, particularly with the growth in mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for SMBs to find the right in-house resources to protect themselves. For a medium-sized business a single financial attack could irrevocably cut into annual profits but it could be make or break for a smaller business. Click here for more…  


Storage devices and media

Computer storage devices and storage media are key parts of a business computer system that give you a place to save your files. Hard drives: the most common computer storage devices Hard drives (also called hard disk drives or HDDs) are very common computer storage devices. They store data on a spinning magnetic disk and are fitted to virtually all computers as standard. Click here for more…


Buy an IT system

Buying a new computer system for your business or extending or upgrading your existing one can seem intimidating. How can you ensure you get equipment to do the job you need? And what’s the best way to check what you buy will be compatible with your existing computer? Click here for more…


How our phone system helps us work together

Penrith-based Penrillian develops mobile phone software. The company has produced everything from programs that monitor mobile phone networks to iPhone apps which help children learn Click here for more…


Cut your I.T costs with virtualisation

It’s hard to make do with an IT system that your business has outgrown. The inevitable slowdowns can get to even the most patient members of staff. Worse, you know things are unlikely to get better without intervention – and intervention usually means investment. Click here for more…


How to create an intranet site for your company

Even the smallest companies find it difficult to share information and locate documents. Setting up a business intranet – a private website which can only be seen by people in your company – is a good way to improve access to information, share resources and reduce costs. Click here for more…


Understanding your network server

Most businesses will benefit from having a computer network The network server is the computer that manages the network. It is also where all your shared files are stored. Not all networks need a server, but they can be very useful. This briefing covers: What a server is used for. How to choose a server. How to keep your server secure. Click here for more…


Monitoring your web traffic

Just having a website is not enough. To get the most out of your investment you need to track visitors to your site and monitor what they do when they get there. You can then use this data to improve conversion rates. Read on and find out how to use web analytics.   Analysing how visitors find your website and what they do when they get there is an essential part of driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions – whether your objective is getting people to sign up to a newsletter or buy from an online shop. Click here…

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