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Choosing a computer printer

John Sollars, managing director of printer consumables superstore,, explains the four key steps to choosing a computer printer for your company.

Step one: what does your business need?

Don’t consider your printing needs in isolation. Many computer printers also include other functions like scanning or photocopying, so list all your paper-based requirements.

For instance, you might need:

  • A scanner
  • A fax machine
  • Black and white printing
  • Colour and photo printing

You should also think about how you use these functions. For example, what sizes of documents do you scan? Do you send faxes consisting of lots of pages?

At this stage, you need to make two key decisions:

  • Whether you need a standalone printer or a multi-function device. A multi-function device combines printing with other functions, like photocopying and scanning. They’re an ideal way to address several needs, and usually more cost-effective than buying separate pieces of equipment.

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