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Christmas Gift from Hacktivisit Group GhostShell

2012 has been a big year for Hacktivism. One million business accounts details were leaked back in August, October saw the revelation of the world’s 100 top university student’s records and last month 2.5 million Russian government records were published online.

Getting into the Christmas spirit, Hacktivist group GhostShell has prepared a little Christmas gift for a number of international corporations as well as the military and government, law firms, banks, educational and aerospace authorities to name just a few. Before taking a well earned festive break from protesting for online freedom and rights, the hacktivist group, thought to be associated with international hackers Anonymous, will release 1.6 million stolen confidential records.

The group are rumoured to have gained information from NASA, the Pentagon, Interpol and the FBI amongst others. They have also mocked attempts to disguise ‘hidden websites’, contacting directors of the compromised companies and organisations to alert them to the failures in their server’s security.

At least the victims of these attacks will have a peaceful, threat free Christmas before returning armed for 2013.


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