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Cisco Launches Workspace Android-based Devices & Cloud Conferencing

Cisco has launched a range of Android-based devices, including a 24in touchscreen DX80, in an attempt to reduce workspace clutter by integrating phones, webcams, external displays and audio equipment into a single unit. Cisco say the device is not a replacement for a computer, but is “the only thing you will need on your desk other than your computer”.

Features of the DX80 include a built-in Cisco phone with webcam functionalities and audio, including four microphones strategically placed in the device’s legs. It has the ability to hone in on the user, muting background audio and noise, making it suitable for open work environments.

In addition Cisco claim it will improve video conferencing quality by removing the processing from the computer to an integrated device.

The device is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory and can import contacts from mobile devices, Google and Apple.

Cloud Conferencing

Further to the launch of these collaborative devices, Cisco have announced a hosting service called Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR). The service comes in response to the demand for a compatible service following the realisation that often different video conferencing and telepresence software on the market are not being developed with multiple device compatibility in mind.

Users of CMR will be able to share a unique URL with up to 500 people who can then join meetings through PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows phones. Built on the power of WebEx “it connects any device to any device” and will be available later this year.


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