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Consumer Electronics Show 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) is due to kick off in Las Vegas this week but already we’ve seen previews a few of the products we may be seeing on the shelves in 2013.

There’s a focus on products surrounding and complimenting the all new Windows 8. One feature which has received exposure and is expected to hit the consumer market in the coming year is eye tracking.

Tobii will demonstrate its latest product, REX, a USB connectable bar that detects eyeball movement in order to scroll through the new tablet style start menu in Windows 8. The technology detects eye positioning to control the computer and mouse functions. The bar detects the essential click command when eye contact is broken. The device has been used to control functions in PowerPoint and media player amongst other Microsoft programs and apps. The eye tracking device is also expected to be used in medical studies, including physiological analysis and in the study of dyslexia. Although many functions can be undertaken with the new sight technology, there is still a long way to go before it replaces the 20 year old reliable mouse.

Also exhibiting at the CES is the fastest phone processor, courtesy of Nvidia. The Tegra 4 features a fifth processor to preserve battery alongside the quad core processor. Nvidia haven’t revealed any information as side from the claim of being the world’s fastest mobile processor but it’s believed the fourth generation processor has 72 GPU CUDA cores.

It has been noted that the processor doesn’t feature a LTE chip, all smart phones and tablets would require a chip to function the phone modem. This is expected to come later in the year.

The Consumer Electronics show will commence in Las Vegas tomorrow showcasing the latest gadgets expected to hit the mainstream market in the not too distant future.


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