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Ctrl+Alt+Del was an Accident!

In a recent interview with Bill Gates, the Windows founder revealed that the Ctrl+Alt+Del command was an accidental feature of the Microsoft platform.

The command which allows users to log on and access the task manager, dependant on which version of the operating system they’re using, has stood strong since the early 90s and still remains a popular command on the latest Windows machines.

The revelation that the command was actually implemented accidentally may come as a shock to many considering its use and importance on the Windows platform, but the story behind it tells otherwise…

Gates originally wanted the command to be a one button action on the keyboard, however IBM insisted that the shortcut be a 3 key sequence, changing from Ctrl+Alt+Esc to Ctrl+Alt+Del to avoid accidentally pressing all 3 keys at once. The location of the control, alt and delete buttons are placed so that only those who actively want to access the command will do, accidental opening would be highly unlikely considering the location of the 3 separate buttons.

Ctrl+Alt+Del lives to see another day!


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