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Cyber Criminals Using Tor to Attack Anonymously

The number of connections being made through the online anonymity platform, Tor, has seen a sharp rise in its use over the last month, suggesting cyber criminals are increasingly using the software to avoid discovery.

The number of connections has risen from 500,000 a day at the beginning of August to 1.5 million just 1 week later. This figure has been reported to have doubled to 3 million today, and growing. The service is used by many living in countries where governments monitor and restrict what their citizens can see and do online. This sharp rise however is suggesting it’s use is taking an alternative turn.

Tor, known as The Onion Router, encrypts data through a series of different networks to protect the identity of the sender. Routing through various encryption methods can allow cyber criminals to act anonymously. Traces have now been made to numerous botnets, proving that criminals are hiding their malicious networks behind heavy encryption to avoid detection.

Tor has confirmed that it is currently looking into a solution to stop botnets and criminal activity being co-ordinated behind its encryption.


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