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Cyber Security Challenge UK 2014/2015

Registration has opened for the 2015 Cyber Security Challenge UK after 19 year old Will Shackleton won the 2014 competition.

Will Shackleton was crowned the UK Cyber Security Champion 2014 after beating over 3,000 entrants and 41 fellow finalists in the year-long competition that tested its competitor’s computer defence skills. At 19 years old, Shackleton (a Cambridge University Undergraduate) was the youngest of the 42 finalists.

During the competition, contestants were asked to ‘defend’ Blighty from simulated cyber-attacks on natural infrastructure affecting banks, transport and power girds in a two day exercise. The finalists had to work in teams to identify, prevent and withstand attacks from an adversary. The adversary attacked London’s financial district causing a halt to online banking platforms, new stock market flotations and compromise the BACS system.

The Chief Executive of the Cyber Security Challenge UK, Stephanie Daman praised the quality of the 2014 finalists saying “What is most impressive it that none of these finalists are cyber professionals already, the majority of them are self-taught. It’s a real demonstration that the hidden talent is there to be discovered in every corner of the UK – we just need to find it”.

The Cyber Security Challenge UK runs a collection of mini-challenges throughout the UK aimed at attracting talented people into the Cyber Security profession. Government firms, IT departments and University’s all support the competition which started in 2010.

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