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Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership

A government initiative that aims to map and spot trends in UK cyber attacks is due to be launched.

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership has invited 160 members to voluntarily join the partnership to share information and intelligence on online threats. The organisation hopes that more businesses with follow the lead of the initial 160 in order to prevent and protect against future compromises.

Often cyber attacks are deployed on an industrial scale, and there is no resource that shares or shows a clear picture of the true scale of online crime. The collaborative partnership wants to change this. Many businesses are reluctant to share information or announce an attack on their networks and systems in fear of detriment to their business both financially and in reputation.

The partnership has been created by the police, MI5 and GCHQ as well as businesses and security professionals who all want to improve response and resilience against online threats.

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership will be managed by 15 London based analysts who will record and monitor attacks registered by the members and distribute intelligence amongst them to create a unified defence against online criminals.


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